My thoughts

You may, as a normal, sane human being, be wondering what on earth possessed me to make a page dedicated to Ekans and Arbok, of all Pokemon. Shouldn't I have chosen a successful Pokemon? A cute Pokemon? A Pokemon with power?

Well, you evidently don't understand the snake's charm. Charm, charmer... hey, I think I just made a pun! (Leto gets hit by flying shoes.)


The first time I saw the snake was in the episode 'Battle of the Saint Anne'. Before then, I'd seen from the episode Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village. As such, I'd never seen Team Rocket's Pokemon before, and had no idea they even had any. So, imagine my surprise when Jessie pulls out a Pokeball!

Instantly, I thought its name was cool. Ekans... Ekans... the way she said it, and the way the Pokemon said its own name, made me like it instantly. And its acid attack was very cool. ^_^.

I did originally think it was spelled Ecchins, for some bizarre reason, but I changed that pretty quick. ^_^;;

Anyway, it was the name, and the voice, that attracted me to this Pokemon. So I kept an eye on it from then on and before long, decided that I really liked it.

First, Ekans is really cute. In my opinion, it's among the cutest Pokemon... unfortunately, Itomaru and three or four of the cute-cuddly-fluffy ones beat it out (Rai rai!), but otherwise...

Second, Arbok is cool looking, except when it's drawn so that it looks like it's about to puncture itself with those fangs... ^_^;;

Third, wouldn't it make a great pet? Not for a battling Pokemon, but just one to hug when you're feeling depressed or talk to when you're bored... Pokemon, unlike most normal animals, understand humans and their emotions, so it would make good company.

Fourth, purple is a really cool colour. ^_^.

Fifth, I'm into Pokemon that most people don't look twice at. Like Fearow, and Doduo, and Magmar.

Sixth, it's on the show quite commonly, but doesn't go overboard. It's in a lot of episodes, and although a 'human side', if you'll forgive use of that phrase for a Pokemon, is not shown very often, you do get to see enough of it to keep you happy. It's not around so much that you want to throttle it, like Togepi, Pikachu, etc.

Seventh, its master is cool.

Eighth, it's sooo sweet. ^_^.

Ninth, it's not mean, just misunderstood. It has a bad reputation and an unfortunate streak of luck but it's really a strong and devoted Pokemon.

Tenth, it's super-easy to draw, especially Ekans. One of the easier ones, for sure. (Yes, I think it's easier to draw than a Diglett. My Diglett all look kinda deformed. ^_^;;)

Why have a favourite Pokemon at all? Why, it's cool. It means you get to be all happy when it gets some screen time, it means when merchandise hunting you can narrow down your hunt to your favourites, etc.

In addition, I just like snakes. I like holding them, I like looking at them, I think they're very interesting and beautiful creatures. Also, I like them because most people don't (I'm very into being an individual; I also like most spiders ^_^.).

I asked my mother if I could get a snake, but she said no way. :(

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