She's got da power!
"Go, Ekans!"

Welcome to Venom... a page for my two favourite Pokémon from the popular show and RPG, Pokémon. ^_^. These Pokémon are Ekans and its evolved form, Arbok. This site is no longer updated, but will remain online. ^_^.

Meet the Snakes
Intro to the snakes

Team Rocket
Team Rocket and its role

Game Snakes
The snake in the games

Snakes on Screen
Snakey episodes

The Serpent Strikes!
Attacks and advantages

It's all in a name
Aabo, Ekans, Arbok, Aaboku...

Raising Snakes
A game guide to Ekans and Arbok


Images from the manga, anime and card game


Boas, Cobras, Rattlers
Real life snakes

Facts and Ideasss
Interesting snippets

The Cobra's Bark
Sound clips

Link me/awards

My thoughts
Self explanitary ^_^.

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Flame is another site of mine. Find out more about the snake trainer, Jessie. ^_^. If you want other Pokemon sites, or other anime pages, or just any page by me (ooh, ego ^_^.), try Focus Energy.

Awesome Snakes - this is not my website, but it's really good for information, pictures, links, merchandise, etc, on lots of different snakes. It's most recommended for fellow snakey fans. ^_^.

All fanart unless otherwise stated is by me, 'cos I've no source of real snake pics as of yet. This cool 'real' Arbok pic was very kindly scanned for me by Cathy, but she said to credit it to Becketts, because it was their magazine that made it and printed it. Some pics on image page are also from Titus, who is most kind. ^_^.