It's all in a name

Some of these pics are better quality than others. Aabo (Ekans) pics (from an "anime manga", so some are positioned awkwardly), manga pics, and the cards, were scanned by me, while Arbok anime pics are screenshots courtesy of Titus. ^_^.


VERY COOL - Arbok poised for battle!

Arbok's got da moves! It bashes up a Doduo (I think this is Double Edge, or was it Take Down?)

Arbok with a nasty expression

Say cheese, Arbok!

"GO!" Jessie orders her cobra in a split-screen action shot ^_^.

Arbok and Weezing

Arbok takes Jolteon's Pin Missile attack

Cute Aabo, with Dogas, are hit with Supersonic

Confused, Aabo and Dogas attack each other

Aabo and Dogas look threatening ^_^.

EEEP! This must be the cutest Aabo pic, although there are some goodies in the Island ep... it poses with Dogas

Aabo and Dogas cringe away from Iwaku (Onix), cool/cute back shot ^_^.

Ride that Moonstone, Aabo!

Aabo KO'd with the other Rockets (but it revives enough to be beaten up by Pippi/Clefairy!)


Aabo's Pokemon card, from the Rocket expansion

Aabokku's Pokemon card, from the Rocket expansion

Aabokku's Pokemon card, from the Jungle expansion


Ekans and Koffing attack Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle

Ekans instills fear in the hearts of Parasect and Venonat... ^_^.

Arbok and Weezing come out to play

Battling Pikachu, Arbok is confused by chu's superior speed...

Potter doesn't do well with snakes... (Arbok's EATING HIS HEAD! ^^;;)

Arbok is sent to steal Pidgeotto

Fierce Glare... Arbok's quite cute in the second panel ^_^.

Arbok goes after Ash

Arbok crushes Ash...

Manga cover including Arbok

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