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Snake's Tears

by Matrix

"I cry for I have failed my master again she wants the pikachu but I am not strong enough."

"I love her she is nice to me when most humans look at me with disgust and talk about how pathetic poison pokemon are but she accepted me."

"I remember before I was what I am now when I was an ekans she asked me to evolve but then changed her mind and cried that tear moved me so much I vowed to see her happy so I evolved hoping I could become strong enough to do what she asked of me."

"but I couldn't as strong as I became I still cannot match that pikachu"

"I want to please master but I can't yet she still accepts me I know it is because their is no one else but I like to think she cares a little I know she does or she would have just forced me to evolve not cried about me becoming a different pokemon."

"I remember everything because I evolved for her not because I wanted to but because she needed me to so I remember and hope someday I can make her happy like she was the day I was given to her maybe some day I will"

"Until then at night while master sleeps I emerge from my ball and cry because I cannot do what she asks yet I would give my life to see her smile at me like she did on the day she got me and when I first evolved."

"I see another traveller this one flies above he is white and pretty like I wish I was but alas I'm just a snake but someday master I promise I will see you smile again."

Arbok finished shedding his tears and went back into his pokeball.

The End.

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