by Eric

Start scene: Jessie and James are hiding in some bushes following Ash, Misty, and Brock. Meowth is tagging along behind, drawing something.

Jessie, "ready James?"
James, "got the sound ready, on three?"
Jessie, "it'll work."
Jessie and James, "123"

They jump out in front of Ash and co. just as their signature music starts.

"Prepare for trouble!"
"And make it double!"
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth! That's right!"

Jessie looks around annoyed not seeing the twerps anywhere. James taps her on the shoulder and points. They had just walked by, totally ignoring Team Rocket!

Jessie fumes, then yells, "No one ignores Team Rocket!"

Team Rocket starts chasing after the heroes, who run. Seconds later they're all in yet another city. Ash and co turn around, Pikachu getting ready for a thundershock and Team Rocket about to let loose their Pokemon.

Just then a commercial comes on a large TV mounted on a building, for a Pokemon lottery. "We're raising money for charity, so come in to the Pokemon lottery! We will be giving out 5 Pokemon to the lucky winners! Today's Pokemon are, a Growlithe, a Bulbasaur, a Sea King, a Pikachu, and a mystery Pokemon!" It goes on to talk about the good cause the money is going to and how they hope all the Pokemon will get good homes.

Ash thinks that it might be worth a shot, and turns around to blast Team Rocket, except they're not there!

Jesse, James and Meowth run up to the desk selling tickets, they have to fight through quite a few devoted Pokemon lovers, but they do get there. Jesse puts on her "sweet mode" and asks how much the tickets are and how many each person can buy. After finding out a person can only have two and that the tickets are relatively inexpensive Team Rocket gets in a huddle.

Jessie says, "most of these are rather common Pokemon, but what about the mystery one?"

James looks dreamy and says, "It could be a Dratini, or a Lapras, or another rare Pokemon!"

Meowth says, "Or it could be another common-as-dirt Pokemon." J &J promptly smash him.

Jesse and James run up and buy 2 tickets each. Then deciding to cheat some, they disguise themselves and dress Meowth up as a munchkin and buy more. They get in new disguises somehow fooling the ticket booth person each time, until they have a total of 28 tickets. At that point they decide not to push their luck.

Just then Ash and Misty come up and each buy a ticket, saying they love to help a good cause. Misty has to 'prompt' Ash into 'admitting' this though. After some prompting they get Brock to buy one too.

Team Rocket sits there looking at their cards memorizing the numbers. An hour later the winning numbers are called. Jesse and James frantically look through the tickets, not winning a single one. Jessie says, "Oh well, we wanted the mystery one anyway."

Just then the loudspeaker comes on for the mystery Pokemon.


Jesse and James sigh and slump over depressed at wasting their money. Behind them they hear a shout, "Whoah?! I won? Cool!" Jesse and James snap around, and discover to their horror, Brock!

Brock heads over to the building, and Team Rocket agrees to steal the Pokemon.

Ash and Misty follow him, but a volunteer for the event stops them, saying that only the winners can go in.

Jessie and James make their way to the roof, planning to jump down, snatch the Pokeball and run for it. They figured it was brilliant since they set up a tape recorder nearby. It would play the motto, and while the heroes were standing around, they'd make their move.

Brock walks up to the door, and promptly turns red, there's a Nurse Joy! She says, "So you're the player who won the mystery Pokemon?"

Brock smiles and says, "Yes厃es I was."

Nurse Joy says, "Now, you will take care of it, and bring it to my cousins and sisters regularly won't you?"

Brock says, "Of course, I care a lot about Pokemon and wouldn't let one get ill." Joy smiles, says she believes him and takes him in.

Jessie and James are still waiting, James is holding a remote control for the recorder.

Jessie starts looking annoyed and asks what's taking so long. James points out Ash and Misty and they duck low. Brock walks out, and is greeted by his friends.

Jessie, "Ok James, hit it!"

Ash and co. sigh as soon as they hear the TR music. They look around for them but can't seem to find them even as the motto hits "To protect the world from devastation!" Just then Team Rocket sees their chance and jumps down. Jessie snatches the Pokeball and starts running, Meowth turns to raspberry the heroes, and James trips over him. Crashing in a heap, Team Rocket watches helplessly as the pilfered Pokeball rolls back to Brock.

Brock says, "Time to see who this is!" and releases the Pokeball.

Jessie frees herself at the exact moment, throws a Pokeball yelling "Go Arbok!"

Jessie's hits the ground first; Ping! "Charbok!"

Brock's hits the ground a second after; Ping! "Charbok!"

Everyone looks shocked as they see the two Arboks looking each other over.

Brock's Arbok is noticeably bigger, a deeper purple and has brighter coloration on its hood.

Brock's new Arbok goes a little pink in the face and slithers over to Jessie's. It coils very loosely about Jessie's Arbok and says, "Char, Charbok. Bok" in a tone not unlike Brock when he sees a Nurse Joy.

Jessie gets a slightly grossed out look on her face and says, "No卲lease no"

Jessie's Arbok looks around frantically, confused by Brock's new Pokemon. Brock's Arbok moves a little closer, "Charbok?" At this Jessie's Arbok's eyes get big and it jumps away. Jessie's Arbok whips its tail around and slaps Brock's Arbok around a little. Then it slithers over to Jessie.

"That was a waste of time" comments Meowth as Team Rocket walks away in confusion.

Brock's new Pokemon slithers over to Brock and slumps over, looking incredibly rejected, "Char卋ok."

Brock pats it on the back of its hood and says, "I feel your pain pal匢 know just how you feel"

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