Note: This story takes place during the episode "Island of the Giant Pokemon" I didn't make up any of the characters in this story. They are made up by their creators (will someone please e-mail me who the creators are!) Also, the dialogue might seem a little strange because the pokemon are talking.

Abandoned: a Story From Ekans's Point of View

by Stephanie Kroll

Chapter #1 Lost

I woke up on a sunny island. My whole body ached with pain. Then I realized that something was wrong. Master wasn't here. She had disappeared. My Master is Jessie. In my opinion, she is the best Master in the world. Some people think that I'm not lucky to have her for a master, but I am. She is always nice to me, and we've been together through thick and thin. Which I'm sure none of that kid Ash's pokemon could brag. Trust me!

I was lying in the sand. It scratched me. I wanted master to be here. If she was here, it would be alright.

"Koffing!" my friend, koffing, called. His master wasn't here either.

I told koffing that my master wasn't here. We were in big trouble, and I mean double as my master would say! We had been tame pokemon too long to remember how to get dinner. I have faint memories of eating pidgey eggs, but my mother caught those. Not me! And how would I know what to do if we were attacked? It's not a very safe world for tame, abandoned pokemon.

"Were did masters go?" Koffing asked.

"Don't know!"

"I hurt! Master must help me!" Koffing shrieked. As my master would say, like master, like pokemon!

"I hurt too! Master no here, we go find!"

"No Safe!" Koffing warned.

"No worry, we go find!"

I slithered over the new, strange territory. I was scared, but didn't show it. I knew that masters would never abandon us, right? When it comes to Koffing and I, I usually take charge, I get that from my master, I think. Everything was strange. Soon, all the trees looked the same. Koffing and I were lost! There was no denying it.

"Scared!" Koffing told me, "I hurt!"

"Rest," I said. There was nothing else to do, but face the facts. Our masters were gone, no food, we had to sleep in the cold. Koffing lowered to the ground and I curled up beside him. I was cold, freezing. It's hard to be cold-blooded on a night like this. Master wouldn't let me be this cold if she was here. I wished that I was in some small hotel with her. When we got lucky enough to stay in a hotel, I would sleep on the foot of her bed. She would stroke me, and I would fall asleep in the warmth and safety. Oh my master! Where was she? And why did she abandon me? Did she find another pokemon better than me? The thought sent shivers down my long spine.

Chapter #2 Ash's Pokemon

"I miss master!" Koffing wailed.

"Shhhh," I hissed (I'm a snake after all), "master come soon, worry not." Although I said it, I didn't believe it. Our masters wouldn't leave us alone this long unless there was a pretty good reason! Koffing really loves his master. James, I think he's called. I don't think that he could be better than my master, but I don't know. All I know is that in some ways, my master likes him. I don't understand humans well enough though to really know what's going on.

I knew that we had to find our masters somehow. But first thing was first. I saw a nearby nest with eggs in it. At least, they looked a lot like eggs, if I remember what eggs look like. Normally master feeds me scrambled eggs, which she says are broken eggs mixed about. I sprang upon them. I swallowed it whole, and the taste reminded me of my mother. But still, I like scrambled eggs better, because master makes them just for me!

"Want some?" I asked koffing.

"No! No eggs!" Koffing said. I had forgotten that koffing doesn't like eggs. He only eats this special food that his master has. But now, there was no time to enjoy breakfast. I had to go find master, and help koffing. He's a strong pokemon, but only with his master around.

Then in the distance I saw a pikachu, a charmander, a squirtle, and a bulbasaur. Maybe they had seen our masters.

"You see my master?" I asked the pikachu who seemed to be the leader of the bunch, "She have long, red hair, blue eye, pretty, nice…" I'm not very good at describing my master ,because being her pokemon, I know her in a different way then anyone else.

"We lost master too!" the charmander cried. It seemed just as sad as I was.

"No cry!" I told it, "If you do, you put out tail!"

"Thank you!" it answered. Then Meowth came.

I never really liked him, he always is rude to my master. He hurts her, too. If I knew that it was okay, I'd poison him before you could say, "Ekans, use bite!" I'm not sure what he is. He looks like a pokemon, but acts like a human. Strange.

"Ekans! Koffing! Am I glad to see you!" he called.

I definitely couldn't say the same. He wouldn't want to do the right thing. He would try to live without the masters. That's when trouble starts, when a pokemon abandons its master.

"Ah ha!" he exclaimed, "There's that pikachu!"

"You Ash's pokemon," I asked the group.

The pikachu nodded, "You Team Rocket pokemon!"

"Poor you! Master tells me that Ash doesn't know how to care for pokemon!" I said sympathetically.

"No true! Ash say same bout your master!" it answered. I was shocked. I thought that my master knew everything. She probably doesn't know Ash well, I decided. Master would never lie to me.

"My master no mean!" I hissed, "She's the best."

"No, my master better!" Koffing yelled.

"Koffing, not now!" I hissed.

"I hate to break up this touching conversation, but you two go and fight that pikachu so we can capture it!" Meowth said.

"NO!" I said firmly. Didn't Meowth get the trouble we were in? Without our masters, we could starve, or get killed by some wild pokemon. We had no time for fighting other, tame pokemon.

"Why!" Meowth shrieked at me, "you two so loyal to your little masters, those dimwits!"

"Master no dimwit!" I hissed furiously, "they do a lot for us, feed us, protect us, keep us warm. You are the least grateful, slob I've met."

"Why I oughtta!" Meowth yelled.

The bulbasaur spoke up, "We'll be safe together.

Let's look for masters together." "I want master now!" Koffing cried.

"No worry," I told him. Then I turned to the group, "Good idea! Let's go!"

"Hey! What about me!" Meowth screamed. Not that I cared.

And so we joined forces with Ash's pokemon. Little did we know what adventures were on the horizon.

Chapter #3 Slowbro's Snack Bar

We slithered along, or at least I slithered, not knowing where to go. Meowth kept following us (darn!). In the mean time, I was chatting with our new-found friends. They were very interesting pokemon. Charmander had been abandoned by some idiotic trainer. Bulbasaur used to guard a village for pokemon. Squirtle used to be part of a gang. Pikachu was Ash's first pokemon. As for me, I told them how master had owned me since she was little. Not very exciting compared to those stories, but it was a story never the less. It was still cold in the woods. I hadn't felt this cold since I had gotten sick with some pokemon disease. Many pokemon die from it, but not me! Not as long as my master was around.

Koffing didn't participate in any of the conversation. He kept wailing, "MASTER! I MISS MASTER!" It began to get in my nerves. Couldn't he learn to be glad that at least we had some allies to travel with?

All of a sudden we heard, "Slowbro! Pokemon food buffet!" We all rushed over. "Food!" we all cried.

"Oh brother!" Meowth grumbled. Normally, koffing is the hungry one, but in this case I was starving. Pidgey eggs aren't very filling.

We saw a slowbro sitting behind a large table with lots to eat. "Welcome!" it called. I had half a mind to ask if it had seen our masters, but I had more pressing problems: koffing's whinning, and the alluring smell of scrambled eggs calling my name.

Koffing nibbled on a few smoke pellets, his favorite food, and kept crying that his master abandoned him. Although I knew that he was probably right, I still had my doubts. Master wouldn't just abandon me right that. But then again, I'm still a hopeless optimist. I munched on some scrambled eggs. They didn't taste as good as the ones that master normally makes for me. Either she's just better at making scrambled eggs, or the fact that I missed her so much. Probably the second one. Bulbasaur and charmander nibbled on some chunks of meat, while pikachu ate an apple. Squirtle ate some fish. All of us were just as sad as Koffing, but we were just too proud to admit it. Proud like my master.

After eating our dinner, we bedded down in a huddle. It was slightly warmer than last night had been. More body heat. I dreamed about my master. We were sitting and she was stroking me. I was eating scrambled eggs. And she was happy, happier than she had been since she had joined Team Rocket.

The early morning light woke me up. I felt something like a hand running down my back. "Master!" I hissed. But it was only a tree branch blowing in the wind.

Chapter #4 Reunited

As we started on our journey, I realized that we were close to the edge of the woods. Then we saw it. It was huge. It was blue. It had two huge pumps on its back. It was…

"A giant blastoise!" we all yelled. We began to run, run for our lives.

"Wait for me!" Meowth called.

Then a huge venasaur followed. Then a rydon!

"They're going to eat us!" Charmander screamed.

This was one of those times when I wished that I had legs. I was slithering for dear life. I was behind all the others.

"Koffing!" koffing called to me and began to slow down so that I wouldn't be behind any more.

"Koffing," I said, "Just float for your life and be glad if you make it alive."

We hit a rail-road track. But the monsters still followed. They began to draw closer and closer. Then, I began to smell something. It didn't smell bad, in fact, it was the most wonderful scent I've ever smelled! It was my master's scent. I slithered even faster, and sure enough, there she was, in a mine cart. I coiled up into a spring, and sprang at the mine cart. I landed in her lap. She looked startled at first, but then, she gave me a hug.

"Ekans!" she cried happily.

"ekans!" I hissed happily, which means, "Master!"

"Oh ekans, I was so worried about you!"

Other things happened that day, but none I remember very well. I was just so happy to be back with my master. With her, I had no worries, I was safe from all harm.

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