Tall Grass

by Leto

Wasss born next to Cerulean City in the tall grass. It was nice there. Lots of sssun and fresh water and the other Pokemon weren't a problem. Other Pokemon wasss nice except Ssspearow which sometimes attacked, I liked Pidgey becaussse their eggsss tasted great.

My mother wasss an Arbok and wasss out of place in the tall grass because she was big and strong 'cosss she had been a trained Pokemon once but escaped.

Mama told me not to get caught, 'cosss humans were mean and trained without thinking of their Pokemon. Wasss scared of humans and hid in the tall grass when they came. Mama would hide too but she was ssso big she couldn't very well. She taught me to be stronger.

Daddy was killed by humans, careless careless humans, they think sssnakes and sssnake Pokemon dangerous, but they more dangerous than us.

One day human come and hasss blue hair and saw me hiding in tall grass.

"Perfect," sssay human and he got Pokemon to attack me. Pokemon was a bit stronger than me but I couldn't run away. Then Mama came and bit ssstronger Pokemon and scared human but he didn't run away.

He threw a red ball at Mama, I'd seen them before, they sssteal away Pokemon and then those Pokemon don't ever come back, that's what happened to my friend Ekansss.

It was going to steal Mama and ssshe didn't like humans and neither did I so I got in front of red ball instead but I couldn't get out.

Human had stolen me but it was nice inside red ball, there were no mean people or Ssspearow. Then human gave me to Master who was nice to me, and I think Mama might've been wrong becaussse not all humans are bad to Pokemon.

Master is bad human but not bad to me but now I'm coming out of Pokeball so Master mussst want me for something.

Evolve? What does that mean? Master wants me to evolve. Does that mean become new Pokemon? When I fight hard I feel like I'm nearly a new Pokemon... maybe I can become new Pokemon totally?

Master is crying, she mussst want me to evolve a lot, so I'll try to help her. Then I feel it and I'm changing... Ekansss....


Ah, that's great. Master looks happy. I don't remember anything else... Mama... the thought fades, a big snake Pokemon in tall grass... who's Mama? I don't have one. I'm Arbok now.

But she would be proud of me, right? Whoever she isss?

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