Snakes on Screen

Some later episodes may be a bit sketchy due to poor memory on my part. ^_^. However, if I don't remember Arbok being in an episode, there's a 90% chance it just wasn't there, or otherwise it had a five-second role where it showed up and got the tail beat out of it. ^_^;;

1. Pokemon, I Choose You!

Ekans is not in it. Team Rocket hasn't appeared yet anyway.

2. Pokemon Emergency

Ekans' premiere episode! We first catch sight of it when Jessie and James throw their Pokeballs through the roof of the Pokemon Centre, where they hit the floor and open, revealing Ekans and Koffing. The two proceed to tear around the Pokemon Centre destroying everything, cutting the electrical wiring and generally just wreaking havoc.

Nurse Joy gets Ash to use some of the Pokeballs at the Centre to fight with against Team Rocket, but all that come out are Pidgey and Rattata, both of whom are too terrified of the much larger Ekans to fight. ^_^.

Ekans and the rest of Team Rocket is eventually stopped when Pikachu uses a super powerful electric shock. This is Ekans' first experience of losing to Ash.

3. Ash Catches a Pokemon

My memory of this episode is vague, but I believe Jessie and James send out Ekans and Koffing against Ash. The two bad guy's Pokemon fight together against Ash's Pidgeotto, and beat it using teamwork, but Caterpie defeats them with a powerful string shot which ties them all up. ^_^.

Ekans seems a lot stronger in this episode than in later episodes - it is actually a challenge to defeat. But I suppose that's just in comparison with Ash's new, not very strong Pokemon.

4. Challenge of the Samurai

No Ekans.

5. Showdown in Pewter City

Ekans makes no appearance.

6. Clefairy and the Moon Stone

Again, my memory of this episode is vague (sorry!) but I think Ekans battles twice. It does fairly well, but loses each time, before beating truly beaten by a Metronome from many Clefairy.

7. The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

No sight of Ekans here.

8. The Path to the Pokemon League

Jessie uses Ekans against AJ's Sandshrew (and Koffing is sent out too). It is absolutely THRASHED, but it does its best, until it runs away, that is. ^_^. The thing I notice about Ekans in this episode is that it is a very fast Pokemon.

9. The School of Hard Knocks

No sign of Ekans.

10. Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village

No Ekans.

11. Charmander, the Stray Pokemon

No Ekans.

12. Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

No Ekans.

13. Mystery at the Lighthouse

No Ekans.

14. Electric Shock Showdown

No Ekans. (We are DEFINATELY being deprived over that week!)

15. Battle About the Saint Anne

I don't *think* Ekans is in this episode.

16. Pokemon Shipwreck

Team Rocket is trapped on a sunk ship, and James is panicking. But, Jessie has a plan. She calls out Ekans and tell it to use Acid to open a hole in the floor that they can use to escape. Ekans obeys, but it wasn't a good idea.

Water gushes into the corridor and sweeps Team Rocket away. However, when we next see Team Rocket underwater, half drowning, Ekans is not in sight. I like to think that, even in her panic, Jessie was thoughtful enough of her Pokemon to pull it back into its Pokeball so it wouldn't drown.

Or, maybe the animators just forgot it. ^_^.

17. Island of the Giant Pokemon

This was Ekans' time to SHINE! ^_^.

At the end of the previous episode, Gyarados used its strong attack Dragon Rage which sent Ash-tachi and Team Rocket flying... they ended up landing on an island, but most of Ash's Pokeballs had fallen out of his pocket, Jessie and James' Pokeballs have gone, and so have Pikachu and Meowth. The Pokemon are seperated from their trainers.

We find out in this episode that Jessie got Ekans for her birthday.

Pikachu goes with Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle to look for Ash, Misty and Brock. But they're interrupted by Meowth who does the Team Rocket motto. Pikachu-tachi are a bit irritated but not worried by Meowth's appearance at all.

I should say that the Pokemon speaking in this episode have what they say subtitled so you can follow along. It's really cool to be able to understand what Ekans is saying for once. ^_^.

Miffed, Meowth orders Ekans and Koffing, who are behind him, to attack. They refuse, and the following dialogue ensues.

(May I just say that Ekans is a lot more intelligent than Koffing and is definately the leader of the two. But that's because Ekans is so cool. Thank you. ^_^.)

Meowth: Okay guys, go get 'em!... Hey! I said go get 'em!
Ekans: You not Master!
Koffing: Not Master!
Ekans: We only obey Master!
Koffing: Only Master!
Meowth: Masters?! I'm twice as smart as those two-watt light bulbs you're callin' masters!
Ekans: Master is Master!
Koffing: Yes, yes!
Meowth: Come on, we're all bad guys here. We don't need masters to tell us to go out and do bad stuff!
Ekans: Pokémon not bad guys!
Koffing: That's right!
Meowth: There's no such thing as a bad Pokémon?
Ekans: Pokémon do bad things... because Master bad!
Meowth: It can't be! My master's not around and I always seem to act like a rat!

Anyway, Pikachu-tachi challenge Meowth, and Meowth looks to Ekans and Koffing for help, but they ignore him and drink tea instead. Very cute. ^_^.

Pikachu-tachi join up with Team Rocket's Pokemon to look for their masters, but they tie Meowth to a tree because he can't be trusted. That night, the Pokemon all sit around a campfire, eat (it *looks* like they're eating egg, cheese and an apple, but that's just my opinion) and talk. The conversation goes...

Pikachu (to Ekans and Koffing): What were you guys doing?
Ekans: Looking for Masters.
Koffing: Masters gone.
Charmander: That's really awful.
Squirtle: Ours are gone too.
Bulbasaur (bitterly): They abandoned us.
Ekans (worried): Abandoned? Maybe us too.
Koffing: Abandoned?
Pikachu: You're all wrong.
Charmander: I'm sure they're looking for you.

Shortly after, a huge noise comes and a giant Pokemon appears. All the Pokemon run for their lives (Pikachu unties Meowth from the tree).

That night, Ash's and Team Rocket's Pokemon all curl up to sleep. Ekans is curled protectively around all the other Pokemon, who are using him as a pillow. This is very cute. ^_^.

An interesting note: Ekans has eyelids. Snakes in real life don't. But then, Ekans is a Pokemon, not a real snake. ^_^.

The next day, Ash-tachi and Team Rocket end up, through numerous circumstances, in a mine cart type thing which runs out of control along a track, and it turns out to be some sort of rollercoaster.

Jessie is absolutely terrified because she can't stand roller coasters.

Ash's and Team Rocket's Pokemon run up, escaping more giant Pokemon, and finally catch up to the mine cart/rollercoaster cart, where they're urged to jump in.

Ekans jumps right into Jessie's arms, very happy. Jessie doesn't look very happy, 'cos she's busy being terrified of the rollercoaster, but in the next scene she's hugging Ekans and crying with happiness.

Even though in the episode, she didn't seem as worried about Ekans as Ash did about his Pokemon, she was still very happy to have it back, although she seemed to care more about Meowth's reappearance. (I suppose that's understandable; Meowth is their friend and is with them all the time.)

18. Tentacool and Tentacruel

No Ekans in this episode.

19. The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

A ghost Pokemon, Gastly, was attacking Ash-tachi and Team Rocket. Jessie sent out Ekans to fight Gastly, and it instantly used its illusion/hypnotic powers to turn itself into a giant mongoose.

Poor Ekans, finding itself wrapped around a mongoose (which is a "snake's natural enemy") freaked out, gasped "Shaaaa!" (hey, that's what Aabo says!), and quickly disappeared. ^_^.

What I found interesting was that normal-type attacks, in the game, do not effect ghost Pokemon at all, but Ekans somehow managed to use wrap attack on the Gastly... ^_^.

20. Bye Bye Butterfree

No Ekans.

21. Abra and the Psychic Showdown

No Ekans.

22. The Tower of Terror

No Ekans.

23. Haunter Verses Kadabra

No Ekans.

24. Primeape Goes Bananas

Fairly brief appearance. ^_^. Jessie was furious at the Primeape for being responsible for her face getting damaged, so she sent out Ekans to fight it. Ekans didn't do very well I'm afraid. ^_^;;

Later in the episode - I just had to say this - Team Rocket had been digging a hole when Ash and Pikachu fell in it with them. Pikachu is sitting on Ash's head and Jessie tells Pikachu to come and sit on her head instead.

While she says this, next to her James is sitting on Ekans with his arms around it. That's SO CUTE! I want an Ekans, it looks more cuddly than a stupid Pikachu or Vulpix (at least with Ekans, you won't end up electrocuted or torched)!


25. Pokemon Scent Station

No Ekans.

26. Hypno's Naptime

No Ekans.

27. Pokemon Fashion Flash

I absolutely pity Ekans in this episode. Team Rocket set up a fashion salon for Pokemon, and they use Ekans and Koffing as their models. But, Ekans must have so much appeal, because Salon Rocket got a lot of customers. ^_^.

Ekans was forced to wear a ridiculous outfit in this episode, as a Salon Rocket model. (Salon Rocket specialised in horribly tacky and ugly outfits and accessories.) It had to wear a bow and a dress-type thing that made it look like a Christmas Tree, as Brock said. ^_^.

I'm wondering... since Ekans wears a bow and a dress... could it actually be female? It doesn't *sound* female, but voice can't be indicative of everything. Aabo sounds a little less gender specific than Ekans.

Anyway, in this episode, Jessie says that in Pokemon, all that matters is a pretty face. Ekans and Koffing do very well against Geodude and Pikachu, but then are toasted by Vulpix. Ekans also manages to trip up on its stupid dress. ^_^.

28. The Punchy Pokemon

No Ekans; Jessie actually uses a different Pokemon in this episode; the fighting Pokemon Hitmonlee.

29. Sparks Fly for Magnemite

No Ekans.

30. Dig those Diglett

This is another episode that's good for Ekans. Well, maybe not for Ekans; Ekans is Ekans no more. ^_^.

Jessie and James are thinking unhappily of the prospect of battling a lot of trainers using only Ekans and Koffing. They don't have enough faith in their Pokemon (and rightly so, though I hate to admit it ^_^.). Then they decide on using 'the principal of induced evolution' to get their Pokemon to evolve and thus become stronger.

Jessie and James read up on Pokemon evolution, and realise that Pokemon require a certain amount of experience points to successfully evolve. James is very doubtful that Ekans and Koffing can evolve, because their experience is nothing but losing.

Oh ye of little faith! Never doubt Ekans! *starts crying*


Jessie then continues reading and says "but here's something to consider! When Pokemon evolve, they become completely different Pokemon!... I've had Ekans for ever!"

James feels the same way about Koffing.

Jessie hugs Ekans and sobs that she could never bear for Ekans to - suddenly, as her tears touch Ekans' body, Ekans starts glowing all over. It begins to evolve!

(James' Koffing does the same thing for the same reason, but who cares about that.)

Isn't that sweet? Ekans evolved because it realised Jessie really cared about it. As soon as Ekans started evolving, Jessie completely forgot that she'd had Ekans 'forever' and didn't want it to change, and she squealed happily "they're evolving for us!"

Ekans is now Arbok.

Later, Jessie and James challenged Ash-tachi with their new Pokemon. Of course, in typical Team Rocket style, they did a big melodramtic introduction of their newly evolved Pokemon.

Ash sends out several of his Pokemon to fight (that's cheating! Pokemon League rules say you can only send out one at a time!) and Jessie orders Arbok to dig a hole. Weezing follows and Ash-tachi wait with nervous anticipation for the moment when the two Pokemon burst out the ground.

But it doesn't happen; instead, Arbok and Weezing are thrown back out the hole Arbok dug, all battered up, having been thrashed by the Diglett and Dugtrio.

31. The Ninja Pokeshowdown

Jessie and James send out Arbok and Weezing to battle against Ash-tachi and Koga, with the intent of stealing a lot of poisonous Pokemon from the Fucshia Gym. (Jessie says that poison Pokemon are perfect for bad guys.)

Pikachu and Koga's Venonat go to fight, and Jessie and James help their Pokemon by fighting with them; they shoot some sticky string stuff out that covers Pikachu and Venonat, disabling them from fighting.

Misty calls out a Pokemon but Psyduck comes out of her bag instead. Because Misty has never used Psyduck before, she decides to try it out. Ash tells her its attacks, and she orders it to use them.

However, Psyduck's attacks don't even hit - one of its attacks ends up with it having its head stuck in Arbok's mouth. ^_^;; Psyduck freaks out and gets away. Arbok didn't bite Psyduck, I think it was trying not to laugh. ^_^.

32. The Flame Pokemon-athon

Jessie uses Arbok to fight against Ash-tachi and distract them into losing a race. Pikachu and Squirtle are paralysed by Arbok's glare attack, but in the end, Arbok is defeated when Ponyta uses its flames and sets Weezing's gas on fire.

33. The Kangaskhan Kid

No Arbok.

Miniryu no Densetsu

A Japanese-only episode. Team Rocket had 'kidnapped' the Safari Zone's warden, and he was putting up a good fight, so Jessie sent out Arbok who easily wrapped the warden, squeezing him tight so he couldn't escape. Heehee, the warden looked scared of Arbok. ^_^.

34. The Bridge Bike Gang

No Arbok.

35. Ditto's Mysterious Mansion

No Arbok.

36. Pikachu's Goodbye

No Arbok.

37. The Battling Eevee Brothers

Arbok was strong and cool in this one. You see, Arbok can win battles if it has the time (ie isn't blasted off into the horizon like it usually is)!

Jessie was furious at being called an old hag by Misty, and ordered Arbok to attack. Team Rocket had, in this episode, stolen an Eevee belonging to a young boy named Mikey. The boy's three older brothers, who own Eevee's evolutions decided to fight Team Rocket to get their brother's Eevee back.

Jolteon beats Arbok and Vaporeon beats Weezing, then when Team Rocket tries to escape, Flareon shoots a wall of flames that traps them. Team Rocket decide they won't give up this time, and order their Pokemon to keep fighting, which they seem perfectly capable of doing. (See? Even when Team Rocket's Pokemon lose, it's just because they weren't allowed to try for long enough! ^_^.)

In this episode, I think it's shown that Weezing is a bit stronger than Arbok. It manages to defeat Vaporeon *and* Flareon while Arbok just defeats Jolteon. But Arbok is still cool, using poison sting to beat Jolteon.

The three Eevee evolutions are out of action, so Mikey in desperation, uses his Eevee in what is his first real battle. Unbelievably, the Eevee manages to use a combination of take down, rage and tackle (just what attack IS that?!) to send Arbok, Weezing and Team Rocket flying off into the horizon... as usual...

38. Wake up, Snorlax!

Very brief appearances in this episode. Ash pictures Arbok once puckering up for a kiss, and shudders. The second time, Jessie sends out Arbok to fight, but Pidgeotto blows Team Rocket away before the cobra can even begin an attack.

Arbok puckers up
Arbok is scary! ^_^.

39. Showdown at Dark City

Jessie and James used their Pokemon to intimidate a store owner. More than intimidate; when the guy told them they hadn't paid their tab, Jessie sicced Arbok on him (James did the same with Weezing) and Arbok attacked him, until Ash-tachi intervened.

This was the first and, to my knowledge, only time that Arbok actually attacked a human being in the English version.

40. March of the Exeggcutor Squad

I don't think Arbok was in this one either.

41. The Problem with Paras

Meowth got Jessie's permission to use Arbok and Weezing to boost a Paras' confidence; the Paras always lost every battle, but Meowth wanted it to become stronger by winning.

He got Weezing and Arbok because 'losing battles is their specialty' (and Jessie and James agreed with him! James even called Arbok and Weezing big losers! How terrible!). He got Arbok to go battle against Paras, but before Arbok could battle at all, Meowth jumped on the cobra and knocked it out!

And then, to make things worse, Jessie and James cheered for Paras on its victory. I mean, it's nice to try to boost a Pokemon's confidence, but poor Arbok! It can't even trust Team Rocket, it's own side, and its trainer is cheering for its opponent and calling him a loser!

*starts crying with the unfairness of it all*

42. The Song of Jigglypuff

No Arbok, except for its brief appearance in Jessie and James' music video speech. ^_^.

43. Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon

It's not exactly a starring character, however Arbok is actually outside its Pokeball for most of the episode. Maybe Jessie leaves it out 'cos she hopes it can protect her. Or maybe she's just mean and forgot. :(

Ash's Squirtle is running after a burning fuse, trying to put it out with water gun. Jessie and James call out their Pokemon, and they all run after Ash, Squirtle and Pikachu.

However, James trips causing a snowball effect in which everyone ends up crashing down together (Half the snowball is purple ^_^.). They end up in a cave with prehistoric Pokemon.

Arbok and Weezing just run away from the Pokemon, as do everyone else, and then they're attacked. Arbok had a whole lot of little prehistoric Pokemon latched onto it, very cute. ^_^.

Anyway, then they run away again, from Aerodactyl.

Poor Arbok spent most of this episode looking freaked out. ^_^. It didn't do much, but it was in the background a lot, and it wore lots of cool expressions. ^_^.

44. A Chansey Operation

Heheh, Arbok got a few scenes in this one. Due to James' bad driving, Team Rocket's car crashed into a van carrying a lot of Pokemon, and there were lots of injured Pokemon as a result. Among those victims was poor Arbok, who had a huge knot in its tail and looked very sorry for itself.

Arbok was taken to the hospital and the doctor said that its own poison was circulating through its body. *sniffu* He was going to perform some sort of procedure on it, but Ash tried to convince him not to. Jessie snapped that so what if they were from Team Rocket, Arbok was injured. At least Jessie cares for her Pokemon a little. ^_^.

A Chansey gave the doctor a syringe, who in turn gave Arbok an injection, which it did not approve of - its whole body stiffened and it freaked out with a shriek of "CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAR...bokkk" as it collapsed back on the table.

Arbok freaks out!

Jessie snapped that she wanted the doctor to cure Arbok, not kill it, but the doctor said Arbok was just sleeping.

Then he undid the knot in Arbok's tail. ^_^.

Later in that episode, after Arbok was better, Jessie and James send out their Pokemon to fight against a Chansey which is trying to protect Ash-tachi and the hospital of sick Pokemon. (Team Rocket is willing to attack the hospital to steal Pokemon, even though their own Pokemon were treated there.)

However, despite Jessie's orders to battle, Arbok deliberately ignores her. You can tell it's not accustomed to disobeying, it has a sweatdrop and looks guilty, but it will not fight the Chansey, because it remembered how it looked after it and helped it while it was injured.

45. Holy Matrimony

No Arbok; but Jessie's evil twin (err, that is, James' fiancee) had a Vileplume. I'm just mentioning that because Jessiebell is like Jessie gone feral, and Arbok is Jessie's Pokemon...

46. So Near, Yet so Farfetch'd

Arbok actually gets STOLEN in this episode, by a boy and his Farfetch'd. Jessie is furious, and so's James (his Pokeball was stolen too) and they manage to get their Pokemon back. But we don't actually see Arbok in this episode. We just see a very angry Jessie when her Pokemon was taken. ^_^.

47. Who gets to keep Togepi?

Arbok was involved in a free for all. ^_^. Team Rocket had stolen an egg of Ash-tachi's, and Ash-tachi sent Geodude, Pidgeotto and Starmie in to startle Team Rocket and get the egg back. They do get the egg back, but Meowth isn't willing to just let them have it back, so at his urging, Jessie and James send out their Pokemon.

Weezing fills the area with smog, and then the free for all ensues, with the egg flying from one person to another. "Got it!" yells someone, only to be bumped by a Pokemon and have it fly out their hands, "got it!" yells someone else, before being knocked by someone else, etc...

48. Bulbasaur and the Mysterious Garden

No Arbok here.

49. The K-9 Caper

No Arbok here.

50. Pokemon Paparazzi

No Arbok here.

51. The Ultimate Test

Heheh... Arbok with a twist! There was actually an Arbok that wasn't Jessie's in this one... that's a first!

Jessie took an exam that enabled a person to disregard collecting the eight badges and get an easy access to Pokemon League. Ash and James took the test too. They didn't do very well in the theory part (Jessie even got kicked out) but then the practical part came, where James got kicked out.

Now it was Ash's turn to fight. He had chosen three Pokeballs at random, and was supposed to use them to fight. The idea of that was, it wasn't a fair test of a trainer's skill if they used their own Pokemon; a good trainer had to be able to use whatever Pokemon came their way.

Anyway, one of Ash's Pokeballs has an Arbok. The opponent was a Jolteon. Humpf, Jessie's Arbok managed to beat a Jolteon. But to get on with it...

Ash was in disbelief that he'd gotten the Pokemon Jessie had (the first Pokemon he chose was a Weezing), but it was good in a way, because he knew some of its attacks. He thought for a moment and remembered its attacks. (Arbok looks really cool in this scene. ^_^.)

"Jolteon, agility attack!"

"I remember! Arbok, glare!"

Arbok's eyes glow blue and the Jolteon is paralysed in shock. Then Ash orders it to use wrap attack on Jolteon. Big mistake. Jolteon's spikes dig into the cobra as it coils itself around it, and Arbok is not a happy snake. :(

"Oh, that was no good, I forgot about all Jolteon's spikes!"

Yeah, nice lesson to learn Ash, while poor Arbok is jumping around in pain!

The effects of glare have worn off, so Jolteon uses Thunder and finishes off Arbok. Ash, disappointedly, recalls it.

That's not the last we see of it. A few minutes later, Team Rocket attacks, and Ash uses his temporary Pokemon to fight. Weezing suffocates James and Arbok coils around Jessie, squeezing her. The tables have turned and Team Rocket have their 'own' Pokemon turn on them. ^_^;;

52. The Breeding Centre Secret

No Arbok.

53. Princess vs Princess

In the Princess Festival, Jessie used Arbok (along with Weezing, Meowth and Lickitung) to cleave her way through the competition. She beat all opponents. Arbok did great. It fainted a Primeape in one bite. ^_^. It couldn't stand up to Pikachu, but it still managed to beat so many opponents... Jessie'd do great in Pokemon League.

54. The Purr-fect Hero

Arbok got sent out, but got smashed back by Onix. When it slammed into the cliff, it caused a boulder to dislodge and come crashing towards everyone. See, that's what happens when you mistreat The Snake! ^_^.

55. Riddle Me This
56. Volcanic Panic
57. Beach Blank-Out Blastoise

No Arbok in these episodes.

58. The Misty Mermaid

This was a good Arbok episode - it really kicked tail! Or maybe tackled tail, the bok doesn't have any feet, after all. But it does rule. ^_^.

The main characters were underwater, wearing breathing devices. Jessie sent out Arbok to fight, and James Weezing, but Weezing couldn't survive underwater, and fainted in a couple of seconds. Arbok, however, could breathe underwater and swam as strongly as it could fight on land, against Cerulean Gym's Pokemon.

Now *this* is impressive. What I said before, about Jessie being able to get gym badges and be in Pokemon League, it's true. She definitely could have beaten Cerulean Gym. Check this out.

Arbok withstood:
Bubble and Smokescreen from Horsea
Two Horn Attacks and a Horn Drill from Seaking
Tackle from Squirtle
Tackle from Starmie
Agility (which it doesn't learn, but it sure looked like it), Headbutt and Aurora Beam from Seel
Tail Whip and Ice Beam from Dewgong

Before Seel showed up, it beat all the Pokemon using poison sting, which is a really weak move. Impressive! Then Seel evolved. After Dewgong used Tail Whip (which it also doesn't learn) and finally froze it with Ice Beam, Arbok fainted. It took a while! Hahaha! That was great! ^_^. Especially since defense and special are Arbok's weaker points. ^_^. ^_^.

59. Clefairy Tales

No Arbok.

60. The Battle of the Badge Jessie sends out Arbok, and James Weezing, to help them beat Ash and prevent him winning an Earthbadge. But one electric move from Pikachu is all it takes to knock them all out.

61. Mr Mimie Time
62. Holiday Hi-Jynx
63. Snow Way Out!
64. Showdown at the Poke Corral
65. The Evolution Solution
66. The Pi-Kahuna

I do not think Arbok was in any of the above episodes.

67. Make Room for Gloom

Jessie sends out Arbok, and James Weezing, to fight the kids and later, Florinda's Gloom. Arbok is beaten by Gloom's strong attacks, particularly Solarbeam, but it does, interestingly enough, use Toxic. ^_^.

68. Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!

A very good bok episode! Arbok was quite cute in this ep. ^_^. Team Rocket (and Team Twerp) were entering their Pokemon in auditions for the starring role in a Pokemon movie.

Arbok and Weezing were starstruck, and posed, then had to try dancing. Arbok turned its wrap attack into a dance that suitably impressed the director, so he kept the cool cobra. ^_^. Then, Arbok had to sing, but didn't get the opportunity, as it was terrified of the aggressive Wigglytuff. ^_^.

Due to this, Arbok was cut from the audition, and Jessie was angry on its behalf. But Arbok was very sad, and refused to fight. It slithered off dejectedly (Jessie called after it "come back, we're your biggest fans!" - cute!).

Later, Jessie is trying to encourage Arbok to get revenge, saying that it will win out some day and has a great future in show biz. Arbok gets a glimmer of hope and cheers up. Oddly, Jess doesn't use Arbok again after that pep talk... ^^;;

69. Go West Young Meowth

Jessie briefly sent out Arbok to hold off some street Meowth to protect her friend Meowth. It appeared for about five seconds?

70. To Master the Onix-pected

I don't think there were any snakes here... unless you count the giant rock snake attacking everyone? ^_^.

71. The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis

When looking for ancient treasures, there was no way for Team Rocket to get into a buried lost civilisation, until Jessie had a brainwave. She sent Arbok to use Dig and go underground to hunt around and find them treasures.

Arbok returned with a weird dark device, which suddenly sucked it up (what happened to it after that? ^^;;) and then Team Rocket and a bunch of other people. Tsk tsk, bad Arbok, you set havoc upon the dig site, unleashing the Gengar and consequently nearly destroyed the world! o.O.

72. Bad to the Bone

Arbok was fairly cool here. First, Jessie imagined herself as a Pokemon League champ - and Arbok is her champ Pokemon, after all! But it appeared in the ep to fight a League qualifier's Doduo. And it BEAT IT, quite easily. Unfortunately, Marowak showed up at the wrong moment and beat Arbok up (type advantage, and hero advantage :(), but the bok still performed well, winning for once! ^_^.

73. All Fired Up
74. Round One - Begin!
75. Fire and Ice
76. The Fourth Round Rumble
77. A Friend in Deed
78. A Friend and Foe Alike
79. Friends to the End

No Arbok in any of the above League eps, AFAIK.

80. Pallet Party Panic

Wow, Arbok can fly? ^_^. Team Rocket are in their hot air balloon, and Pidgeotto comes flying in for the kill, but Arbok is quickly sent out and completely KNOCKS PIDGEOTTO OUTTA THE SKY with one poison sting! ^_^.

81. A Scare in the Air

Jessie sent Arbok to fight, briefly, but it got beat up. As usual.

82. Pokeball Peril

No Arbok.

83. The Lost Lapras

No Arbok in the part of the episode I saw...

84. Fit to be Tide
No Arbok.

85. Pikachu Re-volts

My memory of this isn't great. I know Arbok, hypnotised by Drowzee, turned on Jessie and was stolen by Cassidy. Jessie was very worried about her Pokemon, and it was the thought that other trainers might be feeling the same way that made her help Team Ash to get everyone's Pokemon back.

Later, Arbok helps to fight against Drowzee, but doesn't have a chance against such a strong opponent.

86. The Crystal Onix

Didn't see this ep.

87. In the Pink

Arbok appeared briefly, to battle a pink Nidoking with some other Rocket Pokemon. It did pretty well, and helped to weaken the Nidoking for capture!

88. Shell Shock

Don't think there was an Arbok.

89. Stage Fight

Can't remember if there's an Arbok or not.

90. Bye Bye Psyduck

No snakes.

91. The Joy of Pokemon

No bok, I think.

92. Navel Manoeuvres

Can't remember... Wow, I'm great, huh. ^^;;

93. Snack Attack

*hmpf* Snorlax SAT ON ARBOK. Arbok was trying to fight it, to help weaken this wild, strong Snorlax, and it got crushed. Stupid big lump of lard...

94. A Shipful of Shivers

Can't remember if there's Arbok or not.

95. Meowth Rules!

At the end, Jessie says she'll let Arbok out to beat Meowth up, helping him to get experience and learn Pay Day (she's joking), but we don't actually see it.

96. Tracey Gets Bugged

Arbok helps to fight against Tracey's Scyther, which somehow defeats it, along with the three other Rocket Pokemon. o.O.

97. A Way Off Day Off

No Arbok, I think.

98. The Mandarin Island Miss Match

Don't remember if there's a bok, don't think so. If so, it gets beaten in about two seconds...

99. Where fore art thou, Pokemon

Haven't seen this ep.

100. Get Along Little, Pokemon

Can't remember, but I don't think there's a bok.

101. The Mystery Menace

No bok.

102. Misty Meets her Match

No Arbok.

103. Charizard Chills

I don't think Arbok's here.

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