Here are some people's 'tributes', as it were. Meaning, fanfics associated with our favourite Pokemon. ^_^.

No point crying
by Leto

A longer short story, if you can have such a thing. ^_^. About Jessie and Arbok.

Snake's Tears
by Matrix

A good short one from Arbok's point of view, on its master.

by Charmander_gurl

A very good short story from Ekans' point of view in the episode "Island of the Giant Pokémon". It's sweet.

Second Chances
by Charmander_gurl

Another great short story. Can a strong friendship be broken? A Jessie and Arbok fic.

Tall Grass
by me

A (very) short story. Uh, not much to say of it really. Ekans fic.

by Eric

A parody fic, it's very cute. Poor Arbok. :(

Price of a Meal
by Sierra

The way things work in the wild...

No fanart as of yet.

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